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7 Best Places to Live in Minnesota

People in Minnesota are a tough bunch to be sure. But withstanding frigid temperatures in January is no big deal, especially not when the cities here offer such great quality of life. And, as anyone who lives here knows, there are not only plenty of ways to enjoy the winter months, but the rest of the year has simply beautiful weather. Which cities are best in the North Star State to discover this for yourself? We looked at key factors like crime rates, economy, education, amenities, cost of living, and median income to find out. What do you think?...

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7 Best Places to Live in Illinois

The “Big Apple of the Midwest” is Chicago, but you’ll find there are plenty of cities in the Land of Lincoln that are worth calling home. Actually, Lincoln is only one of three U.S. Presidents who were elected while living in Illinois, with Ulysses S. Grant and Barack Obama being the other two. There must be something in the water. Or something great about the cities? Looking at economy, schools, amenities, weather, and cost of living, we determined which places are best to call home, and maybe launch a prominent career of your own. What do you think? Did...

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7 Best Places to Live in Colorado

Known for the towering Rocky Mountains, Colorado actually boasts a diverse landscape defined also by river gorges and sizzling dessert. The unique state offers a lot for those interested in the outdoors, and has attracted hikers, bikers, and whitewater rafters from all across the world. But the state has much more to offer than just natural wonders, and the cultural attractions, safe streets, and good jobs and education, are important as well. For the best places to lay your head after a day outside or in, you can’t do any better than these 7 cities. From the highest peaks...

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7 Best Places to Live in Texas

Texans are quite loyal to their state, and it’s no wonder why. The Lone Star State always strives to bigger, and better, than anywhere else. A long and unique history, and diverse populations, have given Texas an identity unlike any other state in the country, and those features are reflected in each of the cities that dot the landscape. How do you decided which city is worth calling home? After hours of looking at factors like weather, culture, employment, education, amenities, and quality of life, we just may have found the seven best places to enjoy all that Texas...

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7 Best Places to Live in Georgia

From preserved historic architecture to a beautiful mix of beach, farmland, and marsh, the Georgia landscape is never boring. Of course, you have to get your hands on some of those famous peaches as well. That’s only the beginning however, and when determining where to settle down much there needs to be much more taken into account. Good education, employment, and amenities were key pieces of determining the 7 best places to live, and weather, crime, and cost of living also played a major role. If you’re looking to head South, you can’t do better than these cities and...

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